Eric Nordvold found something unusual washed up on the beach.

Cece Case and Eric Nordvold went for a hike at Bowling Ball Beach several weeks ago, and they found something interesting tossed up on the beach. Cece wrote, “Eric found a large fishing float with a Japanese name on it – Musashi. I read on the Internet that identical ones had been found in British Columbia and Washington state.

“The one in Washington had been traced to a Japanese oyster farming area that had been affected by the tsunami. I remember there was someone tracking tsunami debris, so please forward this to them.”

We haven't learned if this is tsunami debris. The California current brings items from halfway around the world to occasionally land on one of our beaches. One of the strangest items found was this intact light bulb, possibly tossed off a fishing boat. It was found by Gary Humfeld.

Just after a storm is the perfect time to search beaches for treasures from afar.

Thanks to Cece and Gary for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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