Two handsome Salamanders.

The Salamanders are enjoying the wet winter we've been having. Several have recently been spotted. Bettye Winters photographed a Speckled Black Salamander. You will see this salamander measures a little more than four inches.

Laura Baker spotted a different salamander, an Oregon Ensatina Salamander.

I learned that the Ensatina can be found under logs or brush, by or in streams and lakes, and other moist places, like the Mendonoma coast! It’s better not to touch this Salamander, as they rely on cutaneous respiration. Their skin is very sensitive and they are easily distressed by handling.

There is a great website to learn more about all things Herps. Gary Nafis created the website California Herps, a guide to amphibians and reptiles in California. Here's the link:

Thanks to Bettye and Laura for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

We have three storms on the way, so we are in for another rainy period. Breaking the drought feels really good!

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