More sightings of Bald Eagles at the Gualala River.

Chris Beach recently photographed two adult Bald Eagles sitting on snags in the Gualala River.

two-bald-eagles-in-the-gualala-river-by-chris-beach Around the same time, a young Bald Eagle, was seen near the river mouth.

young-bald-eagle-stretches-its-wings-by-chris-beachyoung-bald-eagle-by-chris-beachPerhaps by next year this Bald Eagle will be a mature with a totally white head.

A mature Bald Eagle was seen flying over the river this Friday, and we are encouraged by all these sightings. Our hope is that a pair will mate in the watershed of the Gualala River.

Thanks to Chris for allowing me to share his photos with you here. It is a spectacular day on the Mendonoma Coast today. Gray Whales have been seen to add grace to this day.

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