These Anemones like to be close to each other.

Beth Kattleman photographed rocks covered in Anemones. I found out the name for these animals is Aggregating Anemones.

aggregating-anemones-anthopleura-elegantissima-by-beth-kattleman-819x1024They look like flowers, don't you think? Here's an interesting photo taken by Roberta Chan of one of these Anemones that got lucky in a tide pool when a By-the-Wind-Sailor, Velella velella, was washed up. The hapless Sailor was apparently a very tasty treat.

an-anemone-sailor-2-by-robert-chanObserving the creatures that live in tide pools is always fascinating. All you have to do is go at low tide.

Thanks to Beth and Roberta for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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