A handheld Hummingbird feeder brings a living jewel to Janice Batchelder’s hand..

John and Janice Batchelder purchased a handheld Hummingbird feeder. Janice filled it with one part sugar and four parts water, and stood on her deck, holding the feeder. She said it didn't take long until a local Anna's Hummingbird came to investigate. He/she landed rather gingerly.

an-annas-hummingbird-lands-on-janice-batchelders-hand-by-john-batchelderAnd the the hummer settled in to feed.

janice-batchelder-with-a-handheld-hummingbird-feeder-by-john-batchelderThese feeders are called "Humm Buttons." I'm thinking I might want to get one too!

Thanks to John and Janice for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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