A Goldenrod Crab Spider with her egg sac.

Rozann Grunig found this Crab Spider in her rain gauge. She has a very large egg sac. Rozann is going to keep watch of this spider and her eggs.

goldenrod-crab-spider-with-her-egg-sac-by-rozann-grunig Goldenrod Crab spiders have the ability to change their color from white to yellow. Kalynn Funk photographed one with the bee it nabbed for its dinner.

goldenrod-crab-spider-eating-a-bee-by-kalynn-funkThese spiders are harmless, unless you happen to be a bee!

Thanks to Rozann and Kalynn for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see Rozann's nature photography, here is her website: http://highway1designs.com/