A glimpse of a Black Bear.

Motion detector cameras are giving us a view of wildlife we might not get to otherwise see. Laura Baker's camera caught the backside of a Black Bear.

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Laura wrote, “Our trail camera caught the backside of a Black bear as it was leaving our property, no doubt after eating its fill of apples and pears from our trees. The funny part is that in reviewing the photos from the past month, we found an earlier, almost identical shot. It appears that the bear would prefer to put a tree between it and the camera, rather than take the easy path along the road, which would put it in closer proximity to the device. But who knows?”

Here's a print a Black Bear left in the mud, this one taken by Terry Bold.fresh-bear-track-by-terry-bold-large It's pretty exciting to see a Black Bear. They do love apples, so if you are on the Mendonoma coast and have apple trees, be prepared to share!

Thanks to Laura and Terry for allowing me to share their photos with you here.


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