Community Protest Rally this Saturday over CAL-FIRE’s decision to approve Dogwood.

Despite all the valid reasons to deny the Dogwood timber harvest plan, the logging in the floodplain of the Gualala River, CAL-FIRE has just approved it. The logging plan starts at the boundary of Gualala Point Regional Park Campground and then goes up river for more than five miles. The solid red in the photo below shows Dogwood. The red with yellow is "Apple," a recently approved THP.

Apple and Dogwood THP Boundaries - Handout (Large)There will be a Community Protest Rally at Gualala Point Regional Park on Saturday July 16, from 11 am to noon. Sonoma County Parks has waived the entrance fee for this event. Enter the park on the west side of Highway One. Just after the pay station, is a parking area called the Salal parking area. We will congregate there, beginning at 10:30 am.

COMMUNITY RALLY TO PROTEST THE TIMBER HARVEST PLAN CALLED DOGWOOD - yellow!At 11 we will walk down the path in the meadow, which passes by the Serge, totems, and then to the parking area which overlooks the Gualala River Lagoon.

Mike Shoys recently photographed some of Dogwood. You will see mature Redwood trees marked in blue for logging.

Dogwood3 by Mike Shoy Dogwood2 by Mike Shoy Dogwood4 by Mike ShoyThe new owners of this land, some 29,000 acres, should not be allowed to log in the floodplain of the river. These 400+ acres are a part of the Gualala River's ecosystem.This area was logged nearly a hundred years ago. It shouldn't have been logged then and it shouldn't be logged now.

We urge the Burch family to sell these 400+ acres to Sonoma County Regional Parks where the land would be added to the existing park, giving our community, and those who visit our area, a river park to cherish.

Thanks to Mike for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To learn much more about Dogwood, here is the link to the Friends of the Gualala River's website:

You will read on FoGR's website that a "Notice of Intent to Sue" has been filed by FoGR and Forest Unlimited. They will need donations for this necessary legal action. Here is Forest Unlimited's website:

Hope to see some of you at the protest rally on Saturday!

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