Another nearly-white Fawn was born this year.

John Batchelder spotted this fawn at The Sea Ranch. It is mostly white, but has some color on its back.

Nearly-white Fawn by John BatchelderThis isn't the first time we've had a white fawn born on the Mendonoma coast. It seems there is a Buck or two with a recessive gene for this condition. It is considered to be a tow-head, and the fawn will eventually color up, similar to a human child being born with blond hair, but it turns to brown as the child grows older.

Here is a photo by Gerda Rudolph of the white fawn born in 2014. You will see it had a normal-colored sibling.

2014 White Fawn and its normal-colored sibling by Gerda RandolphAnd this photo by Roland Coombs is one of my favorites!

White fawn by Roland CoombsThanks to John, Gerda and Roland for allowing me to share their photos with you here.