Coastal wildflowers, as photographed by Bob Rutemoeller.

On a recent walk at the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands, Bob Rutemoeller found several native wildflowers in bloom. The first is Goldfields, Lasthenia californica, a member of the Sunflower family. This wildflower can bloom in big carpets of yellow on coastal bluffs.

Goldfields, Lasthenia california, by Bob RutemoellerNext is Earth Brodiaea, also called Ground Brodiaea, Brodiaea terrestris. It's a member of the Lily family.

Earth Brodiaea, Brodiaea terrestris ssp. terrestris, by Bob RutemoellerAnd last is Coast Onion, also called Wild Onion, Allium dichlamydeum, another member of the Lily family.

Coast Onion,  Allium dichlamydeum, by Bob RutemoellerThanks to Bob for allowing me to share his photos with you here. This has been a wonderful spring for native wildflowers!

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