The last full moon was looking very mysterious.

February 23rd brought a full moon with passing clouds. Don Spear was out photographing the beautiful sight.

The moon and clouds by Don Spear

Rozann Grunig also photographed the full moon. Rozann's photo shows a halo, which is often a predictor of rain.

Feb. 23 Full Moon by Rozann Grunig

Peter Reimuller sent in a photo of a recent halo around the moon.

Halo around the moon by Peter Reimuller

These halos were predicting rain! We've had lots of it. Since March 1, we have received 13.5 inches at our home in Anchor Bay, and our  year to date is 50.80 inches. Today we have a break from the storms, a break that should last until the weekend. After so much rain, the sun feels awfully good.

Thanks to Don, Rozann, and Peter for allowing me to share their photos with you here.