A beautiful male Red Crossbill, as photographed by Sharon Beals.

Sharon Beals was hiking on the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands recently when she noticed this male Red Crossbill in a pine tree. This bird's unique bills allows it to spread apart a pine cone and retrieve a nut.

There's got to be food in here - a male Red Crossbill

He was successful.

Found something - a male Red Crossbill by Sharon BealsMale Crossbill finds a seed by Sharon Beals

And then the crossbill took a good look at the photographer!

A male Red Crossbill looking at me by Sharon Beals

Sharon Beals is the author of "Nests: Fifty Nests and the Birds that built them." You can learn more about this beautiful book at her website: http://www.sharonbeals.com/

Thanks to Sharon for allowing me to share her photos with you here.