Sea foam – just what is it?

When big swells  hit the Mendonoma several weeks ago sea foam was seen in abundance, coating rocks and beaches with the white fluffy substance. Dede Plaisted was at a local beach and this is what she saw.

Foam covers the beach by Dede PlaistedDede wondered what it would be like to wade in it at low tide.

Dede Plaisted wading in sea foam, courtesy of Dede Plaisted

Here's what she said,

“I’ve never stood in foam before. I loved it. I haven’t seen this much foam in a long time. Now all our rocks have been uncovered. They’re like old friends.”

Sea foam is formed when dissolved organic matter, including sea life and deal algae, is churned up by the wave action.

After two storms late in the week, today is sunny and cool. Perfect weather for exploring on the coast!

Thanks to Dede for allowing me to share her photos with you here.



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