Living weather vanes!

Kris and Gary Rose noticed these two Turkey Vultures perched on top two weather vanes at Fort Ross State Historical Park - living weather vanes.

Living weather vanes at Fort Ross by Kris Rose

Turkey Vulture extend their wings to dry them out and to let the sun burn off any microbes they acquired from their job as carrion eaters.

Here's a fun photo taken by Rob Diefenbach, which he titled, "Enter at your own risk!"

Enter at your own risk - a Turkey Vulture by Rob Diefenbach

Fort Ross SHP is a treasure. To learn more about it, here is the link:  Unfortunately they aren't open seven days a week during the winter, so check to make sure they are open before you go. Here's to the day when this wonderful historic park is open every day!

Thanks to Kris and Rob for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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