Three great photos of a Bald Eagle by Zak Rudy

Zak Rudy was at Jenner recently, which is at the mouth of the Russian River. I'll let him tell the story.

“After making one strike and coming up empty, this Bald Eagle returned to find his breakfast. He was fishing just south of Jenner along the river.

Bald Eagle gets its meal by Zak Rudy

“Notice how much initial loft the bird gets, but he has to grab the fish by its back. Then, in one motion, the eagle flips the large fish upside down so he can carry it by the soft belly, truly a remarkable and risky feat. The fish tail drops back in the water, but he was beautifully triumphant in the end!”

Bald Eagle flips the fish by Zak Rudy


And here the Bald Eagle eats its meal.

Bald Eagle eating a fish by Zak Rudy

Thanks to Zak for a very interesting story and for sharing his photos with us here.

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