The blowhole at Hearn Gulch – it’s amazing to watch!

Last weekend the surf was really pounding the coast. Pat Maxwell headed for Hearn Gulch to watch the action, and she wasn't disappointed!

The blowhole at Hearn Gulch by Pat Maxwell

When the blowhole goes off like this, it makes a "whomp" sound, and the ground trembles. It is very exciting to experience it.

Hearn Gulch is just north of Iversen Road in Mendocino County. Park at mile marker 10.0. There is a beautiful pocket beach, though the path down can be difficult for some. You can, though, watch the action from the bluffs.

To learn more about public access spots brought to us by the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy, here is their website:

Thanks to Pat for allowing me to share her photo with you here.