A spider and spider webs for you today on Halloween!

Spiders are associated with Halloween so I thought I'd share a recent photo of a scary-looking Orb Weaver. Kathy Gustafson photographed this spider. She and I believe it is a Pumpkin Orb Weaver.

Pumpkin Orb Weaver Spider by Kathy Gustafson

Even though it looks pretty scary, it's a good guy in the spider world. Harmless to humans, orb weavers build beautiful webs.

Rozann Grunig recently photographer spider webs, highlighted by morning dew. They may well have been built by orb weaver spiders.

Spider Webs by Rozann Grunig

Here's a photo of spider web jewels taken by Craig Tooley. It is in Craig's and my beautiful book, Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year.


Thanks to Kathy, Rozann, and Craig for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much more of Craig's beautiful nature photography, here is his website: www.ruffimage.com

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