A miraculous, huge fogbow!

A big, wet fogbank rolled in two weeks ago, dropped a lot of moisture, and then pulled back. When it pulled back, a beautiful, huge fogbow appeared just north of Fish Rocks. I rushed outside to take a few photos, as I knew it wouldn’t last long.

Fogbow by Jeanne Jackson

Fogbows are also called white rainbows, but this one actually had some color to it. Not vibrant like a rainbow, but definitely there was color. At one point it arched all the way across sky, rainbow-like, but I couldn’t capture it all with my camera. But it is stored in my memory.

Here is a photo of the first fogbow I had ever seen. It was much smaller than the one above.

Fogbow 8.27.13 by Jeanne Jackson (Medium)

Fogbows are rare, so I was thrilled to see another one.


4 thoughts on “A miraculous, huge fogbow!

  1. Carolyn André

    I've seen a fogbow as I was heading north of Rollerville on my way to Manchester. It was down in the valley near the Garcia River and looked like your original fogbow photo. I think both photos are interesting, but love the look of the second fogbow. It is as clear and articulated as a rainbow. Thanks Jeanne.

    1. Jeanne Jackson

      Post author

      What amazed me about the recent fogbow was how big it was. My second photo shows a more normal size. Always a treat to see one..glad you have seen one too, Carolyn!

  2. Donna Woodbury

    I was privileged to be able to experience this fogbow as I was driving from town to my home in anchorbay. It was awesome it did have color to it, faint but color.

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