A big bull Tule Elk has been paying a visit to the Mendonoma Coast.

Just north of Stewarts Point, a bull Tule Elk has been seen on the west side of Highway One with a group of dairy cows. He might just be sharing their feed or he's a little confused during this time of the rut. Craig Tooley got this photo of the rare visitor.

Tule Elk bull near Stewart's Point by Craig Tooley

There is a herd at Point Reyes so perhaps this fellow came from there. He hasn't been seen for the past several days, so we'll have to wait and see if this was a one-time visit or if Tule elk are expanding their territory to include the coast.

Here's a photo of the elk appearing to chase the cows. This photo was taken by Ron LeValley.

Tule Elk Stewart's Point SON 10-10-15 by Ron LeValley 222926

And finally a photo of the elk bugling, taken by Rozanne Rapozo.

Tule Elk bugeling by Rozanne Rapozo

Thanks to Craig, Ron, and Rozanne for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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