Two wonderful sightings of native wildflowers photographed by Mary Sue Ittner

Mary Sue Ittner and her husband, Bob Rutemoeller, were exploring Salt Point State Park last week. They came across two wonderful finds of rare wildflowers. The first is Nuttall's Milkvetch, Astragulus nuttallii, var. virgatus. There are a few white flowers left, but you are mostly looking at are the large inflated seed pods.

Nuttall's Milkvetch, Astragulus nuttallii,var. virgatus by Mary Sue Ittner

And the second one is Pleated Gentian, Gentiana affinis, var. ovata.

Pleated Gentian, Gentiana affinis, var. ovata by Mary Sue Ittner

Great finds and wonderful to see! Thanks to Mary Sue for allowing me to share her photos with you here.