Fishing from a kayak on “lake” Pacific.

It's not often the Pacific Ocean looks like a lake, or as my friend Richard Lewis once said, "the ocean laid out flat like a lizard drinking." Last week saw several days of those conditions and lots of fishing boats were plying the waters.

Catherine Miller and Hal Ferguson look forward to days like this, as they fish from their kayaks. Here's Hal heading out for a fine day of fishing.

Hal Ferguson fishing from a kayak by Catherine Miller
Catherine photographed the calm waters that reflected the clouds above.
The Pacific Ocean was like a lake by Catherine Miller
And the results - lingcod, black rock cod, and kelp greenlings.
Fishing from a kayak by Catherine Miller

While out on the ocean, they saw a sunfish, a mola mola, as big as their kayaks! They also saw several whales, including a mother/calf Gray whale pair. All in all, an idyllic day on Lake Pacific.

Thanks to Catherine for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

2 thoughts on “Fishing from a kayak on “lake” Pacific.

  1. Suzanne Lindsey

    A mola mola?? Wow, our waters are sure changing. Deep water tropical fish that surfaces just to get cleaned. With their big fin, seeing one from a kayak would be very intimidating indeed.

    1. Jeanne Jackson

      Post author

      Yes, and we had several sightings of Mola molas last year. A startling sighting to be sure!

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