Triplet fawns, as photographed by Tom Eckles.

A Doe can have one fawn, and often has two little ones. Triplets aren't unheard of but they are rarer. Tom Eckles photographed the threesome from his home in Gualala.

Triplet fawns by Tom Eckles

One of my favorite fawn photos was taken by David McFarland. This tiny, newborn fawn fell asleep on the side of a road in The Sea Ranch. The mother left it alone for a few minutes so she could feed herself. Security put cones up so the fawn would be safe. The fawn was gone thirty minutes later. This is why you should never try to "rescue" a newborn fawn or any other creature such as Harbor Seal pups. In almost every case the mother will return to take care of her newborn.

Fawn by David McFarland (Large)

Thanks to Tom and David for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see more of Tom's photography, here is his website:

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  1. Carolyn André

    I love the photo of the triplets, but also remember the one with the baby in the street. So sweet!

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