A Peregrine Falcon nest was spotted on the southern Mendocino Coast.

Rich Kuehn heard and then spotted a nest of Peregrine Falcons. While he watched the two chicks fledged. He snapped several photos. An adult sits on a rock with one of its chicks in the first photo and the fledging birds are seen in the second.

An adult Peregrine Falcon with its chick by Rich Kuehn Three Peregrine Falcons overhead by Rich Kuehn
In the next photo, Linda Bostwick photographed a young Red-tailed Hawk that landed near her home in Point Arena. Yes, this is the time of year when hawks are fledging.

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon rests on a rock by Linda Bostwick

It's always exciting to see birds of prey and we're happy two Peregrine chicks, along with the Red-tail, were successfully raised on the Mendocino Coast!

Thanks to Rich and Linda for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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