Ospreys nest on the Mendonoma Coast.

Drew Fagan has an Osprey nest close to his home. He photographed the male arriving.

Arriving - an Osprey by Drew Fagan

And here the Osprey is doing what Drew calls 'home improvement.'

Home Improvement - an Osprey with branch by Drew Fagan

And the last photo shows the Osprey bringing kelp to line the nest.

Osprey arrives with kelp to line the nest by Drew Fagan

In the nest Rick and I can see through our spotting scope, which is a bit south of the nest Drew photographed, the two chicks are getting noticeably bigger. The scrawny chicks are now feathered out and moving about the nest. They need to get bigger and stronger before they fledge.

Thanks to Drew for allowing me to share his photos with you. Drew is an accomplished artist. To see some of his oil paintings, here is his website: http://drewfagan.com/

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