River Otters can be seen in rivers, creeks, the ocean, and on land!

River Otters live in and by Mendonoma rivers and creeks. Steve Coffey-Smith recently spotted three River Otters in the ocean.

River Otters by Steve Coffey-Smith

One place you might see River Otters is near the lagoon of the Gualala River. They cannot abide pollution so the fact that they are here is a good indication of the health of our waterways.

Though they look cute, they are feisty creatures. The female raises her pups; the male is only around for mating. One of my favorite photos was taken by Nan Brichetto of a River Otter sleeping on a beach.

River Otter sleeping in the sun by Nan Brichetto (Large)

Thanks to Steve and Nan for allowing me to share their photos with  you here.