Steller’s Jay nest above our light fixture.

For several years a Steller's Jay nest has held chicks. The adults built the nest above a light fixture on the outside of our house in Anchor Bay. The nesting female was so quiet, you hardly knew she was on the nest. But when the eggs hatched, the babies could be heard when a parent approached with food.

Last week the chicks had grown and were close to fledging. Here's a look at the three chicks.

Steller's Jay chicks by Jeanne Jackson

One of the chicks was watching me pretty close as I took its picture.

Steller's Jay chick looking at me by Jeanne Jackson

Most of the twigs and small branches are from a Japanese Maple tree in our garden. The three chicks fledged last week.

Here's what two fully grown adults looks like. Siegfried Matull caught these two in flight.

Steller's Jays by Siegfried Matull 3

And here is a funny photo of a fledgling that Connie Matz took several years ago. "Feed meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Steller's Blue Jay fledging by Connie Matz

Thanks to Siegfried and Connie for allowing me to share their photos with you here.