Sweet Tooth Hedgehog mushrooms – one of my favorites!

There has been a pretty good bloom of Sweet Tooth Hedgehogs mushrooms, Hydnum repandum. The ones found have been big and meaty. Lita Gitt shows her bounty of Hedgehogs and a lone Chanterelle on the right.

Sweet Tooth Hedgehog and a lone Chanterelle by Lita GittRandy Jones found the biggest Sweet Tooth Hedgehog he's ever seen. Mel Smith photographed him with his find.

The largest Sweet tooth Hedgehog Randy Jones has found by Mel SmithThese are considered beginners mushrooms - easy to identify, no bad look-alike, and bugs leave them alone. They have a mild flavor so it's best to let them shine. I often put them on top an omelet.

Thanks to Lita and Mel for allowing me to share their photos with you here.