A strange-looking mushroom!

Martin Steinpress found two of these mushrooms,  Hydnellum aurantiacum.

Hydnellum aurantiacum 2 by Martin Steinpress Hydnellum aurantiacum by Martin SteinpressThey grow under Pines and other conifers. They do sport "teeth" like Hedgehog mushrooms do, but to quote David Arora, "[They are]unequivocally inedible."

This mushroom is in the same group as the Strawberries and Cream Hydnellum I shared some months ago. Here's the photo Ken Browning took of that one.

Hydnellum peckii, Strawberries and Cream, by Ken Browning

Sometimes it seems that Mother Nature has a sense of humor! Thanks to Martin and Ken for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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