The Gualala River has been closed for weeks…and it is sure to open with the big storm!

It is extremely unusual for the Gualala River to close for a long period of time in the winter. However, it has been closed off to the Pacific Ocean for weeks by a large sandbar. The lagoon is flooded and there is water, water everywhere. Irene Leidner recently took a kayak trip on the river. You can see how very full the river is.

A full Gualala River by Irend Leidner

Peter Cracknell also photographed the river.

The full Gualala River lagoon by Peter Cracknell

And here he got a nice photo  the ocean trying to breach the sandbar.

The Gualala River Goddess by Peter Cracknell

We have a big storm due in tomorrow, Thursday. Heavy rains and strong winds are forecast. We might get as much as TEN inches of rain before the storm is over. After our dry January rain is very welcome, though we wish it wouldn't come all at once! The Gualala River is sure to open soon after it begins raining. Batten down the hatches!

Thanks to Irene and Peter for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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