King Tides were amazing to watch from the Gualala Bluff Trail!

Yesterday, January 20th, there was a 7.2 high tide, a King Tide. King Tides are the highest of high tides. Watching the waves breaking over the sandbar of the Gualala River is exciting. And the Gualala Bluff Trail is the perfect place to be. When we first arrived there wasn't too much action but all of a sudden the waves were closer together. All at once the Pacific Ocean surged over the sandbar in multiple places. Wow!

King Tides washing over the Gualala River Sandbar 1.20.15 by Jeanne Jackson (Large)

The Gualala River is full because it is currently closed off from the ocean by the sandbar. It might take more storms to reopen it. Rain is in our forecast for next week. Here are some other photos of the event.

King Tides brought saltwater into the Gualala River by Jeanne Jackson (Large) King Tides by Jeanne Jackson (Large) Sandbar disappears under water during King Tides by Jeanne Jackson (Large) The Gulls were disturbed by the King Tides by Jeanne Jackson (Large)

In the final photo, which is washed out from the sun, you can see all the Gulls who were suddenly disturbed by the surging water.

To get to the Gualala Bluff Trail, there are two public access points. Between the Sandbar Restaurant and the Breaker's Inn there is a staircase access. And there is an access down the parking area of the Surf Motel. It seems like there is always something to see from this popular trail.

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  1. Margaret Lindgren

    These are awesome photos ... Saw something similar during the last heavy duty storm surges!!!! But your photo of the mouth is most awesome it .... Also enjoyed your interview this morning with Peggy! Fun and informative:)


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