Salal Trail waterfall after the heavy rains.

The Salal Trail waterfall is very beautiful. When winter rains really get it going, it is something to behold. Paul Kozal photographed it a few weeks ago after the wonderful storms we had.

Salal Trail Waterfall by Paul Kozal

Of course Paul is a professional photographer and able to take a photo like this. I, on the other hand, am not a professional. But I did get two nice photos of the waterfall several years ago.

View of waterfall on Salal Trail by Jeanne Jackson (Medium) Waterfall on the Salal Trail by Jeanne Jackson (Medium)

The Salal Trail is a public access trail that begins at Gualala Point Regional Park. After the pay station, turn into the parking area on the left and look for this trailhead sign.

Beginning of Salal Trail by Jeanne Jackson (Medium)

It is a wonderful trail that eventually ends at a small beach.

Thanks to Paul for allowing me to share his photo with you here. To see much more of Paul's photography, here is his website: