Gray Whales have begun their southward migration early this year.

Richard Kuehn noticed spouts over the Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps the vanguard of the southward Gray Whale Migration. More Grays have been seen, though in small numbers.

Early California Gray Whales migrating south by Richard Kuehn

Scott Mercer, a Gray Whale expert, related the theory that, because there was an early ice-out in their prime feeding grounds, they were able to feed earlier than usual. It was then thought the Grays might be on the move earlier than usual, and that has proved to be the case.

Here is an aerial photo of a Gray Whale that Craig Tooley took last year.

A Gray Whale by Craig Tooley

Thanks to Rich and Craig for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much, much more of Craig's Nature photography, here is his website:

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