Two Bald Eagles were seen recently – one a juvenile and the other an adult.

We have had two sightings of Bald Eagles.  Randy Burke sent in this sighting from a week ago Sunday. He wrote, “Nathan Becker from Napa captured this Bald Eagle while hiking around the campgrounds of [Gualala Point Regional Park].  Nathan and his friend Xavier are active bird enthusiasts, and thought the photographic capture of the eagle to be a highlight of their day out.”

Bald Eagle by Nathan Becker

Nathan’s photo shows an adult. Teresa Denniston spotted a juvenile near her home in Gualala.

We are hoping a mated pair will build a nest here on the Mendonoma Coast. The welcome mat is out!

Thanks to Nathan for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

A big storm is hitting the coast this afternoon. More rain is just what the doctor ordered!

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