We are in wild mushroom heaven on the Mendonoma Coast!

With the early rains, mushrooms are appearing in great numbers. Look what Subir Sanyal collected in just a two-hour hike on his property.

Eleven varieties of edible mushroms by Subir Sanyal

There are 11 different species of edible mushrooms in Subir's photo. Can you identify them?

Rozann and Eric Grunig went mushrooming at Salt Point State Park. Rozann reports the park has had a LOT of foragers come through but they did find nearly two pounds of Pig's Ear.

Pig's Ears by Rozann Grunig

We have three storms headed our way over the next five or six days. It will be interesting to see what these storms bring in the way of wild mushrooms - some edible, many not, but all beautiful in their own right.

Thanks to Subir and Rozann for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

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