Mushrooms and more mushrooms!

The recent rains have brought a tremendous bloom of mushrooms, many of them choice edibles. Just look what Subir Sanyal foraged recently. Boletus edulis, Chanterelles, Coccora, Pig's Ears and a big Cauliflower mushroom, plus the first Candy Caps! Wow!

A haul of edible mushrooms by Subir Sanyal

And here is another basket of mixed mushrooms picked by Subir. Not all of these are edibles; some he picked for their color. They sure make a beautiful basket, don't they?

A bounty of wild mushrooms by Subir Sanyal

Many people are still finding large porcini, Boletus edulis. Chanterelles are just beginning. After two  years of nearly zero wild mushrooms, we are having a wonderful explosion of fungi!

Thanks to Subir for allowing me to share his photos with you here.