An Anemone gets an unexpected treat – a By-the-Wind Sailor.

By-the-Wind Sailors, Velella velella, have been washing up on beaches recently. They are a relative of Jellyfish and are quite beautiful. Roberta Chan noticed one that still had life so she picked it up and carried it to a tide pool. Unfortunately for the Sailor, the wind slowly drove it directly to a hungry Sea Anemone.

An anemone and a by-wind-sailor 1 by Roberta ChanAn anemone & sailor 2 by Robert ChanAn anemonee & sailor 3 by Robert Chan

It just wasn't that Sailor's day.

Thanks to Roberta for allowing me to share her photos with you here. To see a photo of a Velella velella and to learn more about them, here is the link to a previous post:

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