Abalone diving is a family sport for the Lum family.

Here you will see Nick, Matt and Hunter Lum after a recent dive for red treasure. Matt is an avid diver. It appears his sons have taken after him in this regard.

Nick, Matt and Hunter Lum after a successful Abalone dive by Jack Likins (Large)

Jack Likins took this photo. He wrote, “My friend, Matt Lum, came from Santa Barbara with his family and a couple of friends and spent the week diving for abalone.”

Roger Rude expressed what it feels like to be in the ocean this past week. He wrote, “Returning to the sea today to refresh my soul in its salty embrace, to fly and soar above the sea floor, to know my place in the universe.”

The beautiful Pacific Ocean, it calls to us with its summertime murmuring. In constant motion, it is home to many wonders, some of which we know well and some yet to be discovered. It’s a place of mystery, a place of danger, and of wonder. We should strive to never take it for granted.

Thanks to Jack for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

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