Scott Chieffo’s photo won Best Mendonoma Sighting!

Art in the Redwoods, held the third weekend in August, is always a big event in Gualala. Rick and I have the honor - and the agony - of picking a piece of art that represents the beautiful Mendonoma Coast. This year we chose a dramatic photograph by Scott Chieffo of the arches seen just off the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands. Scott titled it, "A Seal's eye view."

Seals Eye View by Scott Chieffo Best Mendonoma Sighting 2014

Jane Reichhold wrote a haiku ceremony for the dedication of these Lands. The last haiku read:

A stroke of the pen, A curve of the coast again, Sacred Land.

Scott's photo shows us the dramatic beauty of these Lands, forever preserved.

Congratulations to Scott for winning Best Mendonoma Sighting 2014. And thanks to him for allowing me to share his photo with you here. To see more of Scott's nature photography, here is his website:

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