Mark Simkins got photos of Bobcat kittens!

In all the years I've been doing my Mendonoma Sightings nature column in the Independent Coast Observer, I have never received a photo of a Bobcat kitten...until now! Mark Simkins and Kitty Wolfe had two Bobcat kittens visit their Manchester property recently.

Bobcat kitten exploring by Mark Simkins Bobcat Kittens roam by Mark Simkins Bobcat Kitten by Mark Simkins Bobcat Kitten has big feet by Mark Simkins

The young Bobcats already have the same marking on the back of their ears and on their bobbed tail as their parent have. Take a look at the paws - just like a puppy, you can tell by their feet that they will get bigger.

Thanks to Mark for allowing me to share his wonderful photos with you here. To see Mark's photo of an adult Bobcat "meditating," here is the link: