River Otters are year round residents of the Mendonoma Coast.

River Otters need unpolluted waters to thrive so you shouldn't be surprised that they are doing well here on the Mendonoma Coast. They can be seen near local rivers and creeks. Jean Brown spotted one recently.

River Otter by Jean Brown

Here's a fun photo by Gary Hopkins of a Gull and a River Otter exchanging glances.

Gull and River Otter exchanging glances by Gary Hopkins (Medium)

The River Otter is probably warning the Gull not to try and steal its food. My bet is on the Otter!

Thanks to Jean and Gary for allowing me to share their photos with you here.

2 thoughts on “River Otters are year round residents of the Mendonoma Coast.

  1. My amazing river otter story takes place on the bluff top trail west of Seacliff Inn on the Bluff.
    I was checking the river conditions and saw this sea gull with what appeared to be a broken wing, trying to flap across the river from the beach sandbar. The wing and part of the body would come out of the water and then would disappear beneath the surface. Thought to myself, that gull is drowning…what a shame. Then when the gull was about mid way across the river, I saw what was really going on. A river otter was gripping the gull in its jaws and swimming across the river with it. When the otter surfaced for a breath, the gull’s wing would flap above the water. He or she made it to the rocks below me and out of sight, but my guess is the gull flapping across the estuary was what’s for dinner.

  2. Jeanne Jackson

    Post author

    Yes, River Otters take Gulls, swimming underneath them in the river and grabbing one. It can be hard to see but it is the food chain in action. Thanks, Jan!

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