Paula Power was out enjoying the new aquisition to the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands.

The Cypress Abbey addition to the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands can be accessed behind Point Arena City Hall. There are new lands to explore and are they ever beautiful! Paula Power took several photos of these lands recently.

Here are some of the rock formations. In the far distance you can see the white Lighthouse.

Rock formations at the PA - Stornetta Lands by Paula Power

And here is a glimpse at low tide.

Low tide at the Point Arena - Stornetta Lands by Paula Power

And here is a photo of Surfgrass, Phyllospadix. It’s a submerged aquatic plant that pollinates underwater. The leaves are tough as leather and highly flexible.

Surfgrass, Phyllospadix, at the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands by Paula Power

The rare and endangered Supple Daisy has been seen here, as has King Gentian. I'm sure we'll be discovering more wildflowers and other treasures as we explore this land in the future.

Thanks to Paula for allowing me to share her photos with you here.

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