There is an active colony of male California Sea Lions on Fish Rocks.

Sea Lions are fun to watch. They are a common sighting off the Mendonoma Coast. They are noisy, barking often. Killer Whales hunt them. Richard Kuehn got a photo of Sea Lions swimming hard and fast. Perhaps there was an Orca or two after them.

Sea Lions swimming hard and fast by Richard Kuehn

Sea Lions can look like porpoises, because when they swim fast they "porpoise" through the water. Jon Loveless photographed this action.

Sea Lions porpoising by Jon Loveless

They also gather together in rafts, which is what Rozann Grunig photographed.

Sea Lions rafting off of TSR by Rozann Grunig

It is thought they raft together for protection. They hold a flipper up in the air to either warm up or cool down - thermoregulation.

And lastly, Sea Lions are very curious. Craig Tooley was out kayaking when a group came in close to check him out.

Sea Lions seen from a kayak JUNE by Craig Tooley

Thanks to Rich, Jon, Rozann and Craig for allowing me to share their photos with you here. To see much more of Craig's nature photography, here is his website: To see Rozann's nature photography, here is her website:

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