The piercing eyes of an Osprey.

George Marshall caught this dramatic photo of an Osprey peering at him. You can see the yellow eyes, eyes that can see between three to five times better than humans.

The eyes of an Osprey by George Marshall

Ospreys dive for fish but they can only go about three feet underwater. Their excellent eyesight allows them to see their prey in the water.

The Osprey nest that I can see through a spotting scope at our house in Anchor Bay looks to be successful. Yesterday I witnessed the male exchanging places with the female on the nest, allowing her to feed.

These birds have recovered from the effects of DDT, which weakened the eggshells so when the parent sat on them, they broke. Once on the endangered species list, they are now thriving.

To hear their calls, here is a link to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Thanks to George for allowing me to share his photo with you here.

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      I hear George Marshall has a new camera! Looking forward to more great photos from him.


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