Mother Nature is a Drama Queen

It all started with last Friday's tsunami, which was followed by a big storm. Early this morning the Mendonoma Coast was buffeted with lightning and thunder and heavy downpours. Yes, Mother Nature has been a drama queen lately. A certain golden retriever expects his morning walk and the rain swollen creek was magnificent with cascades. Clouds lifted briefly, giving me an opportunity to scan the Pacific Ocean with my binoculars. Sweet success! A pod of five Gray Whales, one of which was a calf, was seen headed north. I am not ashamed to admit I always get chills when I see whales.

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature is a Drama Queen

  1. "Give me a cookie! Now! Or I'll rut your pocket with my wet nose."

    Why do Golden Receivers sit with one front paw slightly in front of the other? It's as though they were on their way to lie down, but stopped half way there.

    Is it for balance, or do they want to be ready to lunge at you?

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